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AC Electronics (ACELEDS) introduces new programmable LED Drivers. The Wond-R-Wand™ series constant-current drivers offer OEMs a flexible, easy way to reduce inventory. The key advantage of this product is a simple no cost programming. These drivers are Type TL Rated, which eliminates additional costly UL testing for your fixtures. It also reduces inventory with a wide range output current and voltage.

The ACELEDS team developed these programmable drivers with a universal input voltage of 120-277 VAC and 347VAC for Canadian regulation. These drivers are also compatible with most LED light engines from Cree and Samsung. Each unit is backed by a 5-year warranty based on max case temperature of <75˚C; 3 years based on max case temperature of 90˚C. With multiple form factors and power ratings available in 25, 40, 60 and 98 watts the Wond-R-Wand™ is helping ACELEDS “Power Lights into the next millennium”.

“The Wond-R-Wand™ LED Driver is where technology seems to be going today. With the Blue tooth wireless capability on our digital drivers, along with color changing with a touch of the phone key pad, it will bring a whole new age of personal controllability to the market at a cost that general lighting can get involved in,” commented Dwayne Hillman President and Founder of ACELEDS a division of AC Electronics.

About AC Electronics – AC Electronics is a leading LED lighting and power supply provider. We are a wholesale manufacturer of LED drivers, retrofit kits, power supplies, ballasts and more. We’re a preferred manufacturer for Arrow Electronics who distributes our products worldwide. Our power supplies have been installed in such places as NASA Space Center, the Cleveland Browns Football Stadium, Texas Tech University, Tampa Bay Rays Stadium, Sax Fifth Avenue Department Stores and many more worldwide locations.

If you have any questions, call us toll free 1-800-375-6355 or email us at or you can go to our website and submit an Inquiry Form or to look at the SPEC of these new drivers go to

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