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We Want to Be Your Single Source for LED Modules And “Component Matched” Drivers …including Custom Modules!

AC designs and assembles LED modules in the USA...fast! . ●Stock LED modules ● Matching LED Module/Driver Systems! ●Custom – Designed LED Modules! Need A Stock LED Module - Now?
AC has over 40 stock LED modules for fast delivery
• Linear ● Circular ● Square ●Wall Pack
ALL available with matching tested and guaranteed AC Electronics Drivers Need a Complete LED Lighting System - Fast?
EVERY AC stock module has one or more "Component -matched" LED Drivers that is guaranteed to work! Need A Custom LED Module for your unique application?
AC Listens and Acts! In only 18 working days from receipt of module specifications you can have a prototype in your hands! Call us today or click here

AC Electronics Announces New Partnership with WPG Americas Inc.

AC Electronics Announces New Partnership with WPG Americas Inc. Arlington, Tx. – November 29, 2017 – WPG Americas Inc. (WPGA) a subsidiary of WPG Holdings, the largest global electronic components distributor, announced today a new partnership with AC Electronics, one of the nation's top providers of power lighting solutions products. The company's broad product portfolio includes LED drivers, power supplies, stock and custom LED modules and LED retrofit kits.

We Now Make The Smallest Dimming LED Drivers in the Lighting Industry!

Design More Innovative, Much Smaller and more Cost Competitive Fixtures! Up to 93% Efficiency! Up to 75% Smaller than Competitive Drivers!
AC Electronics "Match-Book Sized" LED Drivers ●Eliminate Design Barriers
● Unleash your Creativity
● Slash Your Costs A New Opportunity to Reduce Your Costs and SKU's! Featuring our "Switch Hitter™" Screwdriver Adjustable Multi-Current Drivers" Unlimited Lighting Options • The Smallest Possible Form Factors • Create Innovative / Ultra Functional
Fixture Designs in Smaller Dimensions • Expand into New Lighting Areas • Get Higher Efficiencies The Most Popular Wattages and Currents! • 120-277V and 347V/480V models available • Fixed output, and Switch-Hitter™
"Screwdriver Adjustable Multi-current" models • 0-10V Dimming* • 5-Year USA Warranty AC Electronics' "Match-Book Sized" Dimming LED Drivers are the SMALLEST in the Industry Take Advantage of This Creative and Cost Saving Break-Through! -Call us today or visit our website http://www.aceleds.com/products-matchbook.php

New High Wattage, Heat-Tolerant, 252W and 320W LED drivers

AC Electronics' Drivers Run Cooler...So We Can Handle Your HOT Applications!! 5-Year USA Warranty - Up To 65C Ambient Temperature<p> • 12V 100MA TAP WIRE<p> • DIM TO COOL THERMAL CONTROL<p> • 0 – 10V DIMMING<p> • UP TO 93% EFFICIENT<p> Got a "HOT" LED lighting application? AC Electronics' High Wattage, Cooler Running LED Drivers Give Maximum Reliability in Higher Ambient Temperatures<p> Call AC Electronics today for more information!

Save up to 60% on Occupancy Sensing for your Fixtures!

Introducing AC Electronics' Sensor Link™ LED Driver-Based Occupancy Sensing System • MUCH Lower Component Cost!
• No Wiring, Just "Plug N' Play"
• ELIMINATES Extra On-Site Labor
• 20' Microwave Sensor Range
- works through glass or plastic lenses
• Easy Time / Sensitivity Adjustments
• Sensor Link option is available on almost ALL AC Electronics' LED drivers
• Pre-Set Dimming Available...Call us!
Want to SEE more information? Click here www.aceleds.com to see a short video Want to TEST how the Sensor Link™ System will work in YOUR Fixture?? We Can Provide Evaluation Samples, To YOUR Exact Specifications,In 6 weeks, at NO CHARGE Call us Today! We're here to meet your lighting needs and answer your questions. 8:00am to 6:00pm Central Time


We Have New 347V - 480V Drivers...From 50W - 200W Designed for Challenging
Industral Applications
• 10Kv built in surge protection option
- Protects against fluxuation of power
• Premium Japanese made electrolytic capacitors
- Gives you true longer life
• Aluminum Housing - Improved heat sink
- Pulling heat away from components
• Tight Tolerance - Improves performace of power to the LEDs
+/- 5% vs 10% for competition Need a "special" 347V-480V driver with a different form factor, wattage, etc.? NO PROBLEM! AC can give you samples, modified to your specifications in 6 weeks and at no charge!

What's On Tap

Virtually ALL Of Our 600+ LED Drivers Can Be Quickly Modifed To Include A Tap Wire! AC's LED Driver Tap Wires Can Be an Indispensable Source of Clean Power to Occupancy Sensors, Auxiliary Fans, Lighting Sensors, DMX Controls, Etc We can MODIFY THE TAP WIRE voltage / current to meet your exact specifications.
•12V to 36V • 50mA to 2000mA We can also modify our LED Drivers' Wattage/Current/Form Factor, etc. to Your Exact Fixture Specifications
... In 4 to 6 Weeks We are here to meet your LED lighting needs Call us between 8:00am and 6:00pm Central time, or visit our website at www.aceleds.com
3401 Avenue D • Arlington, TX 76011 • 800-375-6355

New 50W Dimmable “Butterstick” LED Programmable Driver

UL TL Rated and Plug-In compatible with Osram OT 50 model form factor "No additional charge for dimming!"
• UL "TL" rating eliminates unnecessary Testing – Saves time and moony
• Dims from 100% to 1%
• Up to a 1mA current adjustment capabilities helps eliminate binning issues This Programmable LED driver isn't EXACTLY what you need????? CALL US!!!! AC Can Modify Virtually ALL of Our Programmable LED Drivers to Your Exact Fixture Specifications ...
In 4 Weeks AND at No Charge!

Mag 7™ Seven Year USA warranty LED Drivers and or LED Modules

Mag 7™ Seven Year warranty LED Drivers • Ultra-Robust, LED Drivers designed to meet a 7 Year Warranty Program.
• Many Wattages, Form-Factors Available and Can Be Modified To Your Specific Application.
• USA-Back Warranty & Customer Support
• Ask you sales person on the Driver application you are interested in with a 7 year warranty. Also available:
Mag 7™ Seven Year warranty LED Modules • Robust Modules Use Only Cree Or Samsung LED With Aluminum PCBs
• Modifications Can Be Made To The Module Color Temperature, Cri, Connectors, Etc,
• Modules Assembled In USA
• Seven Year Warranty Requires Installation with Ac's Mag 7™ Led Drivers "Mag 7™"is AC Electronics' system of very robust, component – matched and compatible LED Drivers and or with LED Modules. AC Electronics' Mag 7™ LED drivers and modules are designed, engineered and tested with compatibility, longevity, and reliability in mind. OUR Mag 7™ • Saves YOU time, money
 • No need to search out/research/test components from multiple sources • Eliminates YOUR risk. uncertainty
 • Seven-year warranty PLUS USA Customer support and technical service • Gives YOUR PRODUCTS a VERY STRONG competitive advantage

Instant Printing with Programmable software

AC Electronics programmable driver programming software can instantly print a handy label that shows the driver's exact current setting. Programmable drivers can reduce driver inventory while increasing manufacturing flexibility system efficiency
BUT... Once a driver is programmed, everyone will know the new current it is programmed to! With the click of the mouse, AC's driver programming software can now print a label with the driver's exact current. Placed on the driver, this label makes sure that the OEMs' inventory is accurate, and lets lighting installation personnel know the driver's current setting. The AC Electronics' programming software "plug – in" compatible with Zebra's very compact and inexpensive LP 2824 Plus printer. Call us for additional information.

Programmable Drivers 1% dimming

AC's programmable LED Drivers are now available with dimming down to 1%. With a recently developed firmware update, AC's programmable LED Drivers allow smooth, continuous dimming from 100% brightness down to 1%. Some earlier dimming drivers demonstrated a discontinuity switching abruptly from low brightness to off. While this is not a problem in many/most applications, in some cases a more continuous, "architectural" dimming pattern was needed. AC's 100% - 1% dimming on programmable drivers answers this need.

AC Electronics now has 15 new, UL Recognized TRIAC Dimming LED Drivers

We now have 15 new TRIAC dimming LED drivers. These TRIAC LED drivers are available in wattages from 10 Watts to 35 Watts. Offering very small form factors, dimming down to 1%, and excellent pricing, AC Electronics' TRIAC drivers meet the immediate needs of OEM Lighting manufacturers. Like all AC Electronics LED drivers, they feature "long-life" Japanese capacitors for maximum reliability. AC has extensively tested and approved a list of TRIAC compatible dimmers made by several major lighting control manufacturers. Using these approved dimmers with AC TRIAC Drivers will give OEMs virtually flawless, long term operation. Click here to view a list of Drivers: http://www.aceleds.com/products-triac-drivers.php

Introducing 31 cUL Recognized 347 Volt LED Drivers

347V LED drivers available from AC Electronics We've just received UL approval for an additional eight 347V LED drivers, bringing the total of available 347V drivers to thirty - one. Since 347V drivers tend to be unique to the Canadian commercial market, not all of you will have lighting customers who use them. Those of you who do, however, will find that they have a definite place in the market, particularly if they use Samsung LED modules! 1-800-375-6355

Introducing Menu-Driven Programming for Wond-R Wand™ LED Driver

Our NEW LED Driver programming software is now up to 90% faster because its menu-driven! - The most commonly used currents for EVERY Wond-R Wand™ programmable LED driver are already in the software. Basically you: • Click on the driver model number to be programmed...
• Click on the specific current you want...
• You're done setting up the program! In case your application may need an "unusual" setting, JUST CALL US! WE can create a unique setting ...just for you! We want to be your LED driver manufacturer!

The new Type TL Certification Program

The LED Driver Type TL Program is intended to assist you in gaining greater market access for your LED drivers. This service is also intended to assist end-product LED Luminaire manufacturers improve their speed-to-market by making it easy to source a compliant LED Driver.

AC UL and UL Pending LED Drivers

A Summary of Every AC Electronics LED Driver and its Specifications All in One Place
We want to give you the tools you need to make the sale!
With over 150 AC Electronics LED Drivers, it can be difficult to keep up with our latest product information.
That's why we have the updated Master Information Chart.